Our Focus

The business sectors and regions that      we focus on

Geographical Focus

The Business Collective is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Thailand. Our focus is on the development of the region of South East Asia. Our people have a deep understanding of the region and we have successfully set up and run many businesses in many sectors in the region.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a regional grouping that promotes economic, political, and security cooperation among its ten members: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Today the ASEAN economy is collectively the third-largest economy in Asia behind China and Japan and the seventh-largest in the world. Our collective GDP exceeds USD 2.5 trillion.

That’s pretty good but the region has the potential to become an even larger global economic force with many experts forecasting that ASEAN could become the world’s fourth-largest economy behind China, the US and the EU bloc in the near future.

With a population of over 600 million people, of which 70 per cent are below the age of 45,
the economic potential of the region is enormous. We at The Business Collective want to do our part in ensuring continued economic stability and growth in the region through our focus on a few key sectors:

Sectors We Focus On

  Safety And Security

 The Economic Development Board of Singapore has identified Safety & Security as a key emerging business area in the region. With rapid urbanisation in Asia, the safety & security market in Asia is experiencing fast growth expected at 8% CAGR (Source: Frost & Sullivan).

Safety and security applies to all aspects of our lives, from physical security to cyber security, fire safety and civil defence, security at the workplace and more. Our philosophy has always been to use technology and innovation applied by entrepreneurs to solve problems and provide this wide-ranging safety and security that we all seek.


We have found that one of the biggest challenges facing our businesses today is finding good talent with the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing working environment. We are constantly on the lookout for independent performers and problem solvers to join our ranks. Normal schools are just not doing the trick these days. Our goal at The Business Collective is to equip people in the region with skills that will serve them well as entrepreneurs in the future. We look to use technology to deliver content right to the personal devices of an internet enabled society. Using the internet, we can also equip local communities with decentralized educational content.

To achieve this, we have developed the ARC system of content delivery and in a very short time will be delivering high quality content and training to equip teachers with the skills necessary to equip students with the skills that will serve them well in the future.

 Clean Energy

We are committed to economic success but not at the expense of the environment. We need to protect this fragile world for our future generations and we are on a mission to provide clean energy to the region. Once again by making entrepreneurs lead the way.

While there is a lot of noise about clean energy, take up rates have been slower than expected due primarily to a weak regulatory framework in the region and a lack of financing options. We at The Business Collective believe that climate change is real and that we must work to hasten the deployment of clean energy alternatives in this region. We believe that any strategy on clean energy must focus on both energy production and energy conservation. In energy production, while there are many technologies that can be deployed we believe that Waste-To-Energy is the way to go in South East Asia due to these types of technologies addressing 2 issues, waste management and energy production. On the conservation side, we look to deploy energy efficiency solutions based on smart homes/offices/industry solutions using IOT.

Finally, we believe that the goal should be to attain a decentralized energy system where energy independence and security is the future. Let people control their own power systems through rooftop installations and localized production systems and innovations. With that in mind we are working on several projects to bring stable on demand energy through the use of easy to deploy kits and products to the region.

 Healthcare / Health-Tech

Our focus here is very much on addressing the issue of doctor to patient ratios in the region. Our companies are developing remote diagnostics technologies coupled with IOT to change the ratio and make it easier for patients to get access to primary healthcare and early warning systems. With these remote diagnostics technologies, we can create primary healthcare nodes without the need for expensive infrastructure, all using the internet and mobile devices. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and products that can plug into an interconnected network of devices that will be operated and managed by downstream entrepreneurs.


The e-commerce market in Southeast Asia ) is poised for a boom, and its internet economy is expected to burgeon to more than $200 billion within a decade. The report, commissioned jointly by US tech giant Google and Singapore investment firm Temasek, focused mainly on six major markets in SEA – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – as well as smaller ones such as Cambodia and Laos.

The Covid-19 pandemic has  shown the importance of ecommerce. Businesses now must have the capability and agility to pivot towards ecommerce.