Our Portfolio

The businesses that we managed across different industries and regions.

Current Portfolio

The Business Collective SG - Biorithm


BIORITHM is a medical signal processing company which has spun off from the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, to provide cutting edge signal analysis to the medical community.

​Working with doctors, BIORITHM is dedicated to providing solutions for current and future medical problems especially in the fields of remote monitoring and wearable technology.

The Business Collective SG - High Performing Businesses Roadmap

High Performing Businesses Roadmap

Through the years of setting up and running businesses, we have acquired extensive knowledge on what it takes to run a successful business in many different sectors and geographies.

We run workshops, seminars and programs, and provide consultancy services to SME’s across the globe on a range of subjects that are critical to running a successful business. We are especially focused on solving the main problems that our customers face and we have a panel of industry and subject matter experts that work with our clients.


The Business Collective SG - Books SG

Books SG

The most comprehensive online community for Singapore’s authors and readers. A platform for Singapore authors and readersto engage with each other.

With a comprehensive collection of book reviews by more than 300 Singapore authors, spanning numerous genres. there is definitely something for everyone.

In addition to unearthing literary gems from our local writers, this is also the only platform where you can be a part of the community where readers can interact with the authors. You can share your thoughts about a book, get connected with other readers with the same interests as you. Members can also participate in the various interest-based forums 

The Business Collective SG - Alea IT

Alea IT Solutions

The internet technology arm of the group. Alea IT solutions is a leading web based technology developer with offices in Singapore, London and India. We look to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today through technology. Our specializations include:

– IOT Beacon solutions for the retail, F&B and museums/gallery industries
– Cloud computing
– Big Data analytics
– Custom app development
– Onmichannel eCommerce
– Hosting solutions

The Business Collective SG - Zen Energy

Zen Energy Services

Zen Energy Services (ZEN) was established in September 2014 to further engage in the Renewable Energy sector, as the founders saw a growing need and demand in the Energy Management Sector in South East Asia. It is comprised of a team of individual experts across the range of the Power Sectors and is able to provide Consultancy, Management and Funding of Green Energy Projects.

Our services include :

  • Clean Energy Generation & Energy Saving
  • Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Solutions
  • Smart City Monitoring & Smart Solutions


The Business Collective SG - Affiliate Marketing

Affliate Marketing

We manage a few  websites that creates content  for affiliate marketing.  We target audiences from  Asia and USA.

With these sites, we are also able to harness our capability on digital marketing such as SEO,  content creation, digital advertising, e-commerce and digital strategy

The Business Collective SG - Kavelin Distribution

Kavelin Distribution

The distribution arm of the collective. Kavelin Distribution imports and distributes industrial and consumer products in South East Asia. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and Brunei, we have intimate knowledge of the complexities of retail in the region across a number of sectors and have acquired a keen sense of how to reach Asian consumers.

We have an intimate understanding of the unique characteristics and behaviour of both consumers and distribution channels in South East Asia.

Past Portfolio

The Business Collective SG - ARC Learning

ARC Learning

The ARC system is a proprietary system used to instill life long learning skills in students. The system is a values based learning system that has proven to be very effective with children with learning difficulties.

We operate a teach the teacher training program where the ARC system pricipals are taught to teachers who can then set up their own centres using the methodology and content combined with online learning platforms to create downstream entrepreneurs and businesses. We have found that the system is also valuable for adults and we are rolling out a number of programs that target adults, corporates and even retirees.

The Business Collective SG - Mr Fire X

Mr FireX

Mr. Fire X is a brand owned by and trademarked to The Business Collective. It is the world’s smallest and most powerful hand-held fire extinguisher that has a revolutionary design allowing it to eliminate most types of fire found in the home, office and vehicle.

It is a one of a kind product and is the first foray of The Business Collective into owning a Product Brand. It fits in with our mission of delivering high quality and affordable products and services that have an impact on the lives of the people within our community.

The Business Collective SG - De Moda

De Moda Fashion

 A bespoke ecommerce fashion store that carefully curates its collection from  in Europe. Pop-up sales events for invited customers were regularly held for limited edition items.

Targeted at the upper middle income Indonesian market, it enabled boutiques and fashion designers in Europe to widen their customer base and opened up new markets in Indonesia.

The Business Collective SG - Clean and Co

Clean & Co

Clean & Co. provides industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning and sanitizing solutions in Singapore. Our cleaning systems are eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Clean & Co uses the Hygienitech™ Mattress Cleaning System, the world leader in green, chemical-free, anti-allergen mattress cleaning for effective removal of dust mites. This is done by sanitizing both the surface and the inside of the mattress by combining a penetrating UV-C Germicidal lamp with a powerful extraction device.

Our HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System for carpets uses environmentally preferred, Green Seal Certified cleaning products that deep cleans your carpets and textured hard floors quickly and easily.

The Business Collective SG - Bars and Kitchens

Bars & Kitchens

A niche ecommerce site that is targeted at the US market. A one-stop marketplace for all things related to bars and kitchens such as appliances, decor, gift  ideas, kitchenware, modern utensils.

The operation of this ecommerce store provided us with valuable analytics and insights of the US market based on gender, age, geography, buying habits and patterns.

The Business Collective SG - Blu Bag

blu bag

An ecommerce website with a carefully curated list of products consisting of fashion, gadgets and security appliances.

All the products are personally reviewed by our team before they are listed for sale on the website.

This provided a additional sales channel for the product owers and helped them to reach out to new markets regionally.